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Portable welding equipment available from Spinefex

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Spinefex  distributes an extensive range of portable power products including portable welding equipment, temporary power reticulation systems, medium voltage switchgears, power towers, lighting systems and electrical lead stands. Professional welders with portable welding needs can benefit from the welding equipment sales and support services offered by Spinefex. The CaddyTig model of portable welding equipment supplied by Spinefex comes in durable designs. The ESAB range of portable welding equipment can be effectively used for industrial and commercial welding applications. The CaddyTig model of welding equipment manufactured by ESAB comes in a range of models and designs.

The portable welding equipment supplied by Spinefex is available in impact resistant plastic casings suitable for harsh industrial environments. The portable power products from Spinefex are manufactured according to industrial quality standards. The CaddyTig welding equipment is easy to operate and maintain. Spinefex provides equipment maintenance and operational support services to its clients with portable welding requirements.

The portable welding equipment distributed by Spinefex can be used for tungsten inert gas welding, manual metal arc welding applications. The portable power distribution products from Spinefex are tested for quality and efficiency.

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