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What's the cost of not having the right spill equipment?

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Spill control specialist Spill Station Australia observes that companies in Australia can be fined for not having spill control equipment on site.

In Queensland for instance, Section 357 of the WH&S Regulation 2011 states a system of containing spills on site must be provisioned for each part of the workplace where chemicals are used. It goes on to add that the person must ensure the spill containment system provides for the cleanup and disposal of a hazardous chemical that spills or leaks.

Failure to provision for spills can result in a $6,600 fine.

In Victoria, Section 52 of the DG (Storage and Handling) Regulation 2012 states:

An occupier of premises where dangerous goods are stored and handled must ensure that equipment and materials appropriate for persons to use for the containment and clean-up of reasonably foreseeable escapes, spills or leaks of dangerous goods are (a) kept on the premises; and (b) accessible at all times to persons on the premises. First offence penalties of $56,000 and second offence penalties of up to $352,000 apply.

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