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WHAT do you do when a tank, drum, pipe or tanker springs a leak? Lack of spill preparation can cause panic and result in hazardous liquids - and money - going down the drain.

Spill Station Australia has developed an inert, clay-based putty to stop these leaks at their source.

Plugitup allows a single worker to temporarily repair holes, tears and ruptures in tank, drums, pipes, tankers, barrels, etc. No surface preparation is needed - Plugitup bonds to metal, concrete and plastic surfaces, even when dirty or greasy.

The inert nature of Plugitup means it will not react with most liquids including fuels, solvents and organic liquids. This allows for safe cleanup of the spill and the transferral of liquids into a reliable container.

When dealing with very aggressive chemicals, Plugitup will maintain a true seal for one to five hours. The adhesive qualities of Plugitup can hold up to 0.25Bar (8ft head water) of pressure for 24hrs.

Plugitup is excellent emergency response equipment and is an important complement to Spill Stations in storage areas. Spill Station 02 9725 5640.

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