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Stormwater pollution interceptor system

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article image Installation requires no special equipment, just a masonry drill.
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SPILL Station Australia has developed an effective stormwater pollution interceptor (SPI) system that is simple to install and maintain in any type of drain. It is designed to remove gross pollutants and significantly reduce the hydrocarbon and sediment loads in water entering drain inlets.

The SPI system is comprised of four major parts: a flow direction plate, gross pollutant trap, hydrocarbon filter liner and telescopic mounting arms and bolts.

The hydrocarbon filter liner is an optional part of this system, which also collects fine particles.

The flow direction plate is the key to this system's flexibility - it comes in several different sizes and configurations to fit in almost any drain, including curb drains, and direct the flow of water and litter into the gross pollutant trap.

The large capacity of a single trap, 0.25m³, means maintenance is reduced when compared to smaller capacity systems.

Installation is as easy as bolting the mounting brackets to the inside of the drain walls. The mounting arms are telescopic and provide a frame in which the gross pollutant trap is set.

The hydrocarbon/sediment liner can be fitted inside the trap before the flow direction plate is fitted. The heavy duty liner is inexpensive, disposable and will not rip or tear.

Testing has shown this material will remove 99% of total recoverable hydrocarbons. Both the gross pollutant trap and the flow plate are made in Australia from hardwearing fibreglass and are light and easy to handle.

The traps are not fixed on the frame and are easy to remove and empty. The flexibility of the SPI System allows for several gross pollutant traps to be installed in large drains, allowing for increased pollutant capacity and higher flow rates.

A low cost, low maintenance, easily installed stormwater pollution interceptor system, developed, designed and made in Australia.

According to present environmental laws, anything, other than clean water, entering stormwater drainage, is considered pollution.

Leaves, paper, cans (gross pollutants), gravel, soil run-off, oils and fuels are all types of pollution that typically find their way into the drainage network. Spill Station 02 9725 5640.

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