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They go by many names. Pallet bunds, spill pallets, containment pallet or bunded pallet.

What ever you call them, the EPA requires that they are able to hold 110% of the contents of the largest container or 25% of the total liquid stored on them, whichever is greater.

Spill Station would be able to supply all your spill pallet needs as their spill pallets are fully compliant and meet these requirements.

The 100% polyethylene bunded spill pallets are rotomoulded for good strength. Each spill pallet is fitted with a drain plug and removable non-skid grates for ease of cleaning should a spill occur.

Spill pallets are available in 2-Drum, 4-Drum Square, 4-Drum In-line and IBC(1000L) sizes. The 2-Drum and 4-Drum Square sizes can be forklifted when fully loaded with drums.

To protect your drums and the spill pallet sump from the elements, Spill Station supplies a range of Spill Pallet Covers to suit all of the spill pallets in the range.

If loading the 4-Drum bunded spill pallets by hand trolley, the Poly Ramp makes it safe and easy.

If a spill does occur outside of your spill pallet, a full range of Spill Kits is available from Spill Station Australia to ensure your best environmental outcomes.

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