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Portable eyewash units from Spill Station

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Although they cover only 0.1% of our body, eye injuries account for over 10% of workplace injuries.

Various Australian Standards, including those relating to the storage and handling corrosives, agricultural chemicals, oxidising agents and mixed classes of dangerous goods, all require a compliant eyewash to be available.

Problems and costs associated installing plumbed in eyewash units can sometimes be difficult to overcome. The H-P400 self-contained eyewash units from Spill Station Australia  represent an easy, cost effective answer.

H-P400 self-contained eyewash units are manufactured from food grade high-density polyethylene, it provides a full 15 minutes of flow and is certified to meet the ANSI Z 358.1-2004 Standard. They feature wall mounting bracket and antimicrobial additive. This additive ensures there is no bacterial growth in the reservoir.

When closed, the fold-down front panel keeps the water outlets free of dirt and dust. Simply pull down the front panel to commence the flow of water. The unit then operates hands free to allow the eye lids to be held open for an effective flush.

The ease of installation of the eyewash units makes them a must for chemical handling areas and battery charging rooms as well as in remote locations where mains water is unavailable.

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