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New Spill Station safety showers overcome non-compliant water temperature

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Spill Station Australia  offers a new range of safety showers designed to meet compliance regulations.

According to the Australian Standard for ‘Emergency Shower and Eyewash Equipment’, temperatures in excess of 38ºC have proven to be harmful to the eyes and can enhance chemical interaction with the eyes and skin. During design and installation, the effects of exposure of piping to sun, radiant heat or other heat sources should be considered, and suitable control measures should be introduced to avoid any risk of scalding.

Spill Station’s range of self-draining safety shower and eyewash equipment is designed for the water to drain off when the shower and eyewash units are turned off, preventing the water temperature from climbing above the compliant range.

Safety showers exposed to the sun’s radiant heat can cause water temperature to soar. Treating chemical burns to skin and eyes with hot water will dramatically accelerate the damage caused.

Non-compliant safety equipment can also cause complications with WorkCover and insurance providers.

Spill Station Australia also offers fully self-contained temperature controlled safety showers and eyewashes.

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