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Liquid decanting safety package from Spill Station

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Preparation is the most effective form of spill control is preparation. An organisation with appropriate liquid decanting areas and equipment is able to minimise the hazards to staff and the environment that can be caused by spills.    

The Spill Deck range of liquid storage and decanting equipment, from Spill Station Australia is a fail-safe way of containing spills and reducing the slip hazards from spills that occur during fluid transfer between containers.  

The purchase of two or more pieces from the Spill Deck range along with a 100L General Purpose Spill Kit comes with these bonuses:  

  • This 205 Litre Drum Funnel has a big surface area and low profile to reduce the chance of spills when returning liquids such as waste oil to the drum.  
  • Complete Spill Kit Training Package to ensure effective spill response.  
  • A metal spill kit instruction sign to indicate the location of the spill kit and acts as a reminder of the steps to follow for effective spill response.  

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