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Hazchem absorbent spill kits from Spill Station Australia

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When looking for an absorbent to deal with strong acids and bases as well as fuels, solvents and oils, Spill Station Hazchem Absorbent is a wise choice. This product is able to absorb many times its weight in water and hydrocarbon based liquids. Spill Station Australia manufacture this absorbent into a wide variety of forms to suit almost any situation.

  • TSS300EA Hazchem Absorbent Spill Kit - designed for use where drums of various chemicals up to 205L(44 gal.) are used and stored. This unit contains enough absorbent booms and pads to respond to spills of up to 400 litres.
  • TSS 20EA Hazchem Absorbent Spill Kit - This portable Spill Station is very compact and can be positioned on workshop walls as well as vehicles with the handy wall mounting unit. It is suitable in areas where spills of under 20 litres may occur. 
  • TSS 120EA Hazchem Absorbent Spill Kit - As with all Spill Stations, the TSS 120EA is built for easy use by a single person. It provides effective tools for an individual to contain and absorb up to 150 litres of spill. Gloves, goggles, overalls and other PPE are available with all Spill Stations.
  • TSS 50EA Hazchem Absorbent Spill Kit - This smaller Spill Station is assembled to provide spill protection where drums of up to 20 litres of various chemicals are used and stored. The half size pads allow economic cleanup of small spills under 500mm.

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