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Free spill respone training from Spill Station Australia

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To ensure staff are able to react in a decisive and cost effective manner when a spill occurs, Spill Station Australia have developed a spill response training package supplied free with their spill station response kits.

It only takes seconds for a spill to spread through a site or into stormwater drains. Without adequate training, a small incident can become an expensive and time consuming problem.

The spill response training package from Spill Station contains:
PowerPoint presentation
demonstration DVD
multiple choice questionnaire.

The spill response training package examines:
the need for correct spill response
the legal obligations for staff involved
the steps needed to minimise the negative effects of a spill

Using this spill response training package during the induction of new employees so staff are aware of spill response procedures from the outset. The combination of Spill Station spill response equipment and effective training ensures staff have the knowledge and the tools to responsibly handle any emergency spill situation.

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