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Drive-over bunding for areas requiring vehicle access, from Spill Station Australia

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Spill Station Australia  have released a new type of drive over bunding that alleviates vehicle access problems encountered with concrete 'speed hump' style bunding.

Concrete 'speed hump' style bunding can be difficult to retrofit and repairs of cracks in the concrete are often costly and ineffective. Negotiating these humps with a fully loaded forklift can also be dangerous and are a common cause of hazardous spills.

Drive-over bunding from Spill Station Australia is made from high-density foam encased in heavy duty oil resistant PVC. Standing at 65mm high this bunding compresses to just 3mm to minimise problems occurring when driven over. The drive over bunding then springs back to its original shape after the vehicle passes.

Features of the drive over bunding include:

  • easy installation on asphalt, concrete, or any sealed surface
  • complete kit with everything required to lay the bunding without hiring a professional, including full instructions, aluminium reinforcing strips, dynabolts, sealant and adhesive
  • ready for use only 12 hours after installation
  • available in two, five and 10 metre lengths as well as 90º corners
  • lengths can be easily joined together or cut to fit existent doorways or bunded areas.

For bunding areas requiring greater chemical resistance, the PVC outer can be replaced with XR-5, a material which repels a wide range of chemicals including hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and ethanol.Signage to alert forklift drivers of the bunding is available to avoid damage from impact from forklift tines.

If the drive over bunding is damaged, it can be easily patched using the adhesive included in all Spill Station drive over bunding installation kits.

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