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Chemical absorbents from Spill Station Australia

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Spill Station Australia 's range of chemical absorbents are made from highly absorbent polypropylene microfibers, and able to absorb acids, caustics agricultural chemicals, fuels, oils, and solvents.

These chemical absorbents are available in a variety of forms:

Spill Station chemical absorbent rolls

  • manufactured in 46 metre lengths
  • versatile absorbent suitable for use with liquids such as hydrochloric, nitric and sulfuric acids as well as fuels and oils
  • ideal for use where large spills or overspray are a risk
  • simply to use by cutting or tearing off only as much as is required.
Spill Station chemical absorbent pads
  • pre-cut for fast response
  • designed to absorb a wide variety of liquids including caustics and acids
  • available in full and half size as well as wall dispensers and bulk packs
  • ideal for absorbing unknown chemicals as they are resistant to most liquids.
Spill Station chemical absorbent booms
  • for use when stopping the spread of a spill and minimising the contaminated are paramount
  • available in a wide variety of lengths and diameters.

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