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Acid, alkali, and biohazard absorbents

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article image Easy flowing powder renders acid spills safe.
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DUE to the damaging effect acids and alkalis can have on eyes, skin and mucous membranes, these spills can pose a serious danger to human health. Prolonged exposure can even cause life threatening injury.

Spill Station acid neutralising absorbent is formulated to absorb the spill and bring common acid spills into the "safe zone". It is an easy flowing powder that renders the spill safe for handling and ensures a rapid clean-up.

Contact with alkali spills can result in severe skin and eye irritation, damage to the respiratory system, or burns. Prolonged exposure can have permanent effects that can have life threatening results.

Such spills can be quickly rendered safe with Spill Station alkali neutralising absorbent. Simply surround then cover the spill with the absorbent and allow a short time for the reaction to bring the alkali into the "safe zone".

New biohazard absorbent

Considering the number of diseases that can be transferred in blood and other body fluids, it is vital that these spills be attended to as quickly and safely as possible.

Spill Station Biohazard Absorbent will quickly absorb such spills. When contaminated, the absorbent will not turn to mud and is easy to clean up. It absorbs odours and is impregnated with a blend of essential oils and plant extracts that are known for their anti-bacterial properties.

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