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Accredited Spill Response training from Spill Station Australia

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When a hazmat incident occurs, legislation in each state requires the site personnel to exercise due diligence. As all emergency response personnel know, time is critical when responding to a hazmat incident. In the period immediately following a hazmat incident, it is vital that staff have the knowledge and resources to respond in an orderly and effective manner. Making sure the first response is the right response is crucial. Incorrect initial response can have serious consequences to people, property and the environment.

If the incident is beyond the capabilities of onsite staff and resources, due diligence requires that the organisation that can best address the incident is contacted and corrective action taken in a safe manner. The most likely attendee to such an incident is the Fire Brigade Hazmat Team.

In order to provide the best outcome by safely responding to a hazmat incident, the Hazmat Team has undergone extensive training with experienced and qualified personnel. An essential component of the training undergone by all members of the Hazmat Team is the “Render Hazardous Materials Incident Safe” course (PUAFIR306A).

Spill Station Australia , in conjunction with Registered Training Organisation (RTO), are now able to provide this nationally accredited course to ensure the first response is the right response.

This course is tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations that store, use and transport hazardous materials. This course, as with all nationally accredited courses offered by Spill Station Australia, is designed to comply with all national and state legislative requirements and is aligned to the Australian Quality Training Framework.

Spill Station Australia’s accredited instructors are professional operational fire fighters and highly skilled with both industry specific qualifications and experience. This ground zero experience allows instructors to assist with the formulation of onsite response protocols and recommend the best resources for effective incident response and proactive incident avoidance tools.

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