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Worry-free spill response management

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article image SpillFix’s Emergency Spill Response kit is sealed for security and safety.

WORKPLACE and transport vehicles that have a risk of hazardous liquid spills must provide an adequate spill response management program.

While spill kits form a strategic spill response, it is important that the kit is complete with the necessary items to be compliant. Many spill kits require the replenishment of used items.

In the case of emergency, incomplete kits can heighten personal risk, workplace and environmental damage.

SpillFix’s Emergency Spill Response Kit can minimise risk by providing a sealed compliant spill kit in a modular format.

Spill kit modules can be placed into spill response stations (wheelie bins or transport satchels). The individual kit can be hung by hooks at a spill response point.

Whether for transport kit refill or a multi-kit station, the SpillFix Emergency Response spill kit modules take the worry out of being compliant and are available from distributors nationally.

Spill kits are available as:

* General purpose: oils, (mineral - vegetable and synthetic), fuels, coolant, cutting fluids, chemical concentrates, pesticides, herbicides, mild acid and alkalis, paint and solvents.

* Oil and fuel (hydrocarbon): oils, (mineral - vegetable and synthetic), fuels, Avgas and solvents.

The kits are in compliant module format and contain a fast acting absorbent that is safe and simple to use and capable of absorbing up to 20l. The kit is sealed for security and safety.

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