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article image SpillFix’s Natural Solvent Absorbent.

SPILLFIX’S Natural Solvent Absorbent is formulated to quickly bind solvent spills and reduce solvent vapours for safe and effective removal.

The use, storage, transport and handling of hazardous liquids may result in spills posing significant harm to people, workplace and ecology.

SpillFix’s hazardous spill management products convert hazardous spills into non-hazardous compounds that meet specifications for non-hazardous waste and disposal.

Most organic solvents are flammable and/or toxic. Once a solvent is spilled, it is critical to minimise the vapours, as solvent vapours pose a significant fire and/or health hazard.

SpillFix’s Natural Solvent quickly binds and immobilises solvent spills, including viscous solvents such as glue, to reduce solvent vapours and raise the solvent's flashpoint, making cleanup and disposal simple, safe and effective.

Features include:

* Single step application

* All natural ingredients

* Suitable for viscous solvent spills

* Easy to open container reduces spill response time

* Free flowing agent can be poured directly from container

* Minimises waste for disposal.

Applications include: pharmacies, manufacturing facilities, chemical companies, storage warehouses, tranpsort and shipping, schools, universities, research units, laboratories, dental clinics, hospitals and medical labs, first aid sites and emergency response units.

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