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Eco-friendly cleanup of oil and fuel spills

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HYDROCARBON spills such as oil and fuel can be environmentally hazardous, leaching into and through soils to waterways.

The industry is responsible for proper management of oil and fuel spills, including speedy immobilisation and disposal that will not result in spills leaching into landfills.

SpillFix’s Organic Floor Sweep immediately absorbs hydrocarbons on contact.

The floor sweep is made from 100% organic coir, which has a natural preference for oil and can absorb and hold up to eight times its own weight in liquid.

All natural and eco-friendly, fast acting and highly absorbent, SpillFix Organic Floor Sweep is an ideal solution for safe, efficient cleanup of oil and fuel spills.

Features include:

* Highly absorbent

* Fast acting - absorbs 90% capacity in under 10 minutes

* Lightweight, can be easily spread around

* Versatile and effective for all types of hydrocarbons spills

* Preference for oil to water

* Natural, inert material made from a renewable resource

* Eco-friendly, workplace safe

* Contains no harmful dust or chemicals

* Biodegradable - can be composted

* Meets EPA landfill leachate standards for hydorcarbons C10 to C36

* Minimises risk of environmental spill leaching.

Applications include: lube bays, manufacturing facilities, heavy industry, universities, mining sites, service units, accident response units, waste collection sites, loading docks, storage warehouses and transport and shipping.

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