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article image Bio-Waste reduces the risk of infection and contamination from spills.

SPILLFIX’S Bio-Waste absorbent is a safe, easy solution for cleaning up potentially infectious bio-waste spills.

It is a natural, non-toxic absorbent powder that rapidly immobilises potentially infectious spills such as blood, vomit, urine and faeces that come from humans and animals.

Unique absorbent properties solidify spills on contact for safe, easy removal, minimising the risk of personal contact and cross contamination.

Human and animals spills such as vomit, blood and urine can be highly infectious through direct personal contact or cross contamination. To safely and effectively neutralise such spills, just pour SpillFix Bio-Waste absorbent directly from container onto the spill.

The spill is rapidly solidified to allow for easy sweep up and safe disposal, minimising the risk of personal contact and cross contamination.

Bio-Waste is formulated with antiseptic plant extracts. Natural essential oils are added for a fragrance mask.

Features include:

* Lightweight

* Natural and non-toxic

* Single application:

* Pour/sweep/dispose

* Solidifies spill on contact

* Reduces risk of infection, contamination and slipping injuries

* Antiseptic plant extracts and essential oils added.

SpillFix Bio-Waste conforms to NSW Health Infectious Control Policy for blood and blood substance spills.

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