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UNI-SAFE acts as emission blocker, creating a 'fume barrier' protecting people and environment. It is available from Spill Control Systems .

It absorbs all liquid spills including oil and chemical spills and reduces fuming - even oleum and chlorosulfonic acid fuming will stop immediately.

UNI-SAFE is a chemical binder and a biological cleaning agent. It binds most liquids into a non-flowing gel.

The composition of UNI-SAFE doesn't allow any dangerous reaction, not even with strongly reacting and oxidising substances, such as nitric acid, oleum, hydrofluoric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, bromine, sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. It will also absorb lyes without problems.

UNI-SAFE is the one and only chemical binder applicable on land to all liquids, without any restrictions. It shows no dangerous reaction whatever medium is absorbed - this makes UNI-SAFE unique.

The product includes a light green dye, which funtions as an indicator. Contact with acids will change the colour to yellow, with lyes or other alkaline substances to dark green and blue respectively. This is an essential advantage for the emergency teams on site and for the disposal of dangerous substances.

UNI-SAFE has been developed for and by the German chemical industry, in co-operation with the German Fire Brigades, to combat all hazardous accidents.

UNI-SAFE is a universal chemical binder, which can be used in an emergency when the chemical spilt is unknown.

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