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Spill Barrier Bund

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article image The Spill Barrier Bund will compress slightly.

SPILL Control Systems’ Spill Barrier Bund has been designed to prevent spills migrating.

The Spill Barrier Bund is easy to lay - just peal off the plastic protector strip, glue edges, butt together and walk on to secure to the surface.

The Spill Barrier Bund will accommodate the use of a forklift and any road vehicle without damage to the unit.

The spill barrier has a bevelled edge on either side or a flat top surface that allows a forklift/vehicle to move unrestricted up and over the unit, without damage to the forklift/vehicle or the Spill Barrier Bund.

The product is available in two colours, yellow or black. A chequered effect can be achieved using both colours.

The Spill Barrier Bund is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and can be used for any bunding application. It is also ideal as a speed bump on concrete surfaces or for walkways throughout a warehouse.

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