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Passive drain skimmer

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article image The Passive Drain Skimmer.

THE Passive Drain Skimmer from Spill Control Systems is designed to skim hydrocarbons off water in a storm water catchment basin.

A hydrophobic fibre absorbent pillow is placed into the skimmer pouch to absorb any hydrocarbons that float on the drain catchment basin surface water.

When the passive skimmer has filled with hydrocarbons and needs replacing, simply replace the Pillow and dispose off the spent Pillow into domestic garbage.

The Passive Drain Skimmer can form part of an ongoing Drain Protection Spillage Service Programme, to help prevent hydrocarbons from entering our stormwater drainage systems.

Since 1994 Spill Control Systems has provided spill kit nationally through a network of over 160 distributors.

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