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article image Plug N’ Dike minimises leaks and spills.

PLUG N' Dike is a non-toxic material that forms an immediate seal to control flammable and/or hazardous leaks and spills.

Available from Spill Control Systems , the product includes a high water-absorption polymer in a bentonite base, which absorbs over 300 times its own weight in water, producing a seal against penetration of fuels and chemicals.

Plug N' Dike products offer an excellent first response method to temporarily control many leaks and spills.

Plug N’ Dike can plug fuels and many chemicals, dike pressurised or large spills and seal off drains.

The product can be used to seal punctured drums and tanks, reduce damage liability and costly cleanups.

Plug N' Dike Ready Mix is used straight from the tub/bucket. Just take a handful of the premix and apply directly over the leak.

Plug N' Dike Dry Granular is a powder that mixes with water and forms a paste that can be applied as a putty to seal the leak.

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