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Drain Warden protects storm water systems

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article image The Drain Warden prevents contaminants from passing into the water system.

SPILL Control Systems’ Drain Warden is designed to contain oil and sediment run-off from industrial yard sites.

The Drain Warden keeps oil and other contaminants from entering the storm water system.

The tubular design also captures eroded soil and wind blown debris and can be easily serviced by trained staff.

The "Drain Warden" is inserted beneath the grate of the stormwater inlet. As contaminated water flows through the device, oil is absorbed and sediment is retained. The device is equipped with an oil absorbent boom that will not deteriorate or release absorbed hydrocarbons.

When water enters a catch basin equipped with a "Drain Warden", the polypropylene fabric traps the contaminants while the water passes through.

If the filter fabric becomes contaminated with hydrocarbons the oil absorbing mini-boom captures and holds floating hydrocarbons while allowing the water to escape through the water outlets.

The sediments and heavy solids settle and are contained in the bottom of the "Drain Warden".

The Drain Warden can hold up to 20L in an emergency spill, allowing time to put in place the spill response and block drain outlets.

The Drain Warden comes in various sizes that are designed to fit any storm water catch basin.

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