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Tablets and powders from Sphere Healthcare

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Sphere Healthcare  is a pioneer in providing granulating, powder blending and packaging services. Sphere Healthcare is well known for manufacturing and packing a wide variety of food and health care products including digestive products, sports powders, slimming aids and whey products.

The powders manufactured by Sphere Healthcare are generally weight loss and sports powders, magnesium and vitamin C formulations. These powders manufactured by Sphere Healthcare can easily be swallowed by elder people and children.

These powders are ideal for those who take large dose of ingredients. Powders are a faster source to help body absorb drugs and they also dispense quickly in the gastro intestinal tract. Powders are considered to be chemically stable.

Sphere Healthcare also manufactures various tablets in different sizes and shapes. Sphere Healthcare is well known in the pharmaceutical industry for providing a complete range of hard tablet products. These products can be obtained in different shapes and forms such as dual layer, chewable, effervescent, novelty shapes, aqueous, enteric and solvent coated.

It is highly recommended that all the ingredients should be dry, powdered or granular in the entire process of tablet-pressing. These ingredients should be uniform in size and freely flowing because mixed particle sized powders generally segregate due to various operational vibrations.

This segregation can result into the manufacture of tablets having poor drug. Sustained release and coated tablets are provided by Sphere Healthcare on a large scale. Chewable tablets can also be obtained in different flavours.

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