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Creams and gels from Sphere Healthcare

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Sphere Healthcare  is well known for providing quality soft gels. The soft gelatine capsules supplied by Sphere Healthcare are well recognised in the entire Asia Pacific region because of their quality and reliability.

These soft gels are manufactured by Sphere Healthcare following some specific and unique manufacturing processes that are coupled with highly efficient advanced manufacturing equipment. These soft gels from Sphere Healthcare are an ideal and efficient delivery mechanism for a wide variety of liquids, oils and glutinous or semi-solid substances.

Sphere Healthcare manufactures the soft gels that contain essential nutrients, vitamins, carotenoids, therapeutic herbal extracts, marine lipid oils, phospholipids and essential fatty acids.

These soft-gel capsules can be used in the manufacture of various baby products, body cosmetics and environmental fragrances. These soft gel capsules can be obtained in different sizes and shapes at Sphere Healthcare.

Sphere Healthcare also manufactures various creams that contain essential vitamins, herbs and minerals for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

The creams are provided Sphere Healthcare in tubes. They are also packed well by the professionals at Sphere Healthcare. A wide variety of medicated gels including antiseptic gels and oral supplement gels such as mineral gel, spirulina, vitamin and antioxidant gels are also provided by Sphere Healthcare.

Sphere Healthcare manufactures a complete range of creams such as anti wrinkle creams, daywear creams, lanolin creams, expression creams, menopause and cold sore creams. Under eye gels, pain relieving gels, foot-relax oils, cleansers and ointments are also manufactured by Sphere Healthcare for the benefit of the customers.

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