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Benches and lift trolleys from IFP International

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IFP International  is a pioneer if providing heavy-duty work benches and scissor lift trolleys. The heavy duty work benches are manufactured from various normal pallet racking uprights. These pallet racking uprights are cut to the size of work benches.

The horizontal bars are known as beams that are capable to lock into any height along the pallet racking upright. These beams are indented along the edge. The heavy duty work benches by IFP International can easily withstand all the situations and treatments.

Each pallet racking upright has a blue plastic insert so as to remove the nasty sharp edges. Two uprights, four beams, tops and wheels supplied by IFP International are sufficient to make strong and heavy duty work benches. These beams can also be incorporated into the desired lengths of normal pallet racking by using a bay. This bay uses recessed beams and thus, can provide a work bench with heavy duty storage.

IFP International also manufactures scissor lift trolleys. These are strong and versatile scissor lift trolleys. IFP International provides scissor lift trolleys that are used for lifting loads around warehouses. These scissor lift trolleys can lift up to five hundred kilograms of weight. A scissor lift trolley manufactured by IFP International weighs around one hundred and ten kilograms.

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