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Speedheat floor heating range of under tile heaters available

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Many homeowners researching heating for their home love the idea and affordability of Speedheat floor heating, but shy away from it as they believe floor heating causes tiles to crack or lift.

According to Speedheat Australia, tiles cracking and lifting are usually associated with movement in the sub floor due to flexing, lack of expansion joints in larger areas or insufficient adhesive coverage. Good tiling practice and flexible adhesives are prerequisites.

Several cement based tile adhesives incorporate additives, which give them flexibility. Alternatively rubber based tile adhesives can be used. The average service temperature range of several flexible tile adhesives is -5°C to 80°C.

The Speedheat floor heating element heats to a maximum temperature of 38-40°C, which is slightly warmer than average body temperature. This sits well in the range of tile adhesive specifications. This also is way below temperatures of 1000°C at which tiles are fired.

The Speedheat floor heating range of under tile heaters has been manufactured and installed in thousands of homes worldwide, for over 20 years, countries include Australia, Belgium, Holland, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, United Kingdom and The United States of America.

The concern with tiles cracking or lifting as a result of floor heating is unfounded. Speedheat floor heating enhances the use of tiled floors in the home with warm floors and comfort radiant heat.

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