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RugBuddy portable heating mat from Speedheat

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Metropolitan Home magazine has added RugBuddy to its May 2006 annual Design 100 list. At number 20 on the list, RugBuddy is an ultra-thin heating mat specially designed for use under area rugs. A product of Speedheat International, RugBuddy offers plug-n-warm simplicity and gentle radiant heat.

As alternative heat sources, such as electric radiant floor heating continue to gain popularity, RugBuddy offers an ideal no-fuss warming solution. The heating mat has to be simply placed under the area rug and GFCI protected plug inserted into the wall.

By gently warming from the ground up and allowing heat to rise naturally, RugBuddy takes advantage of the many benefits of radiant heating. The incredibly thin electric radiant heating blanket heats up in less than 20 minutes. One 5.5 x 8 foot heating panel can warm a 10 x 10 foot room, helping increase comfort while lowering energy bills.

All Speedheat products have undergone rigorous testing including complete submersion in water while energised. Speedheat’s products are all UL-listed and National Electric Code (NEC) compliant. The electric rug heating blankets can be placed on a timer and are waterproof as well as safe to the touch, even at their high settings.

According to Speedheat, the ability of RugBuddy portable heating mats to warm from the ground up produces evenly heated rooms that are more comfortable at lower temperatures allowing users to reduce traditional thermostat settings, thus saving energy and lowering heating costs.

Radiant heating also helps allergy sufferers by reducing the levels of dust, pollen, mould and other environmental pests spread by conventional forced air heating systems making the home a healthier place to live.

RugBuddy plug-n-warm heaters were specifically designed to solve zone-heating problems without the expense or mess of adding additional ductwork or baseboard heating units. Since the electric heating panels are hidden under the rug, they are virtually invisible and are completely safe unlike traditional space heaters.

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