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Floor heating systems from Speedheat

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Speedheat floor heating systems are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Speedheat floor heating system has a particular advantage in areas where exposed hot surfaces can be dangerous - e.g. homes, nursing homes, schools, gyms, etc.

Some other advantages of Speedheat floor heating include:

  • Response time from 30 minutes
  • Even distribution of heat across the room
  • Economical to run, costing far less than conventional in-slab heating
  • Environmentally friendly, no smoke, no dust, no electromagnetic radiation
  • Unobtrusive
  • No restriction on the placement of furniture
  • Quiet in use
  • No maintenance
  • Individual room control
  • No risk of contact with hot surfaces

Speedheat floor heating is comfortable because the warmth is generated at the feet, the parts of the body that feel the cold most. The Speedheat floor heating system can be installed directly under just about any floor finish without fuss.

The Speedheat floor heating system offers comfort, economy, efficiency, control and peace of mind, as heating systems are designed and installed by Speedheat franchises.

Speedheat floor heating systems is suitable for both new or renovation building projects. The 1mm thin element multistranded, screened and double insulated and coated with Tefzel coated element does not require screed beds. The floor heating elements are laid on top of the concrete slab, directly beneath the floor finish. The heater can be simply stuck to the concrete slab, and tiling began.

Speedheat floor heating systems is thermostatically controlled, either manually or with the advantages of a 7 day programmable thermostat to regulate the comfort level.

Speedheat can be installed under just about any new floor finish.

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