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Floor heaters available from Speedheat

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Speedheat has floor heaters for all types of floors: tiles, carpets, timber and rugs. The heaters resemble sophisticated electric blankets and are fitted directly beneath the floor surface, resulting in economical running costs.

The tile heating system has installation advantages. The tiler can commence tiling straight away. There is no waiting for screeds to dry. There are obvious cost savings, installation time is halved and new mesh offers superior protection, while tiling proceeds.

Heaters are formatted in predetermined sizes, with fixed spacing between the wires. Therefore, tile heating systems are much easier to lay correctly than systems supplied on a roll. In that case, the installer has to tediously roll out the heating cable and fix the cable to the surface, taking care to keep the cable spacing accurate.

A benefit of Speedheat is that the floor warms within minutes. This means that unoccupied rooms can be switched off. So there is no need to pay for electricity when it is not used. Less wattage is required to heat a room than with conventional electric heaters or in-slab storage heating. Typically, Speedheat is economical to run; tile heating system uses up to 60% less power than other systems.

Speedheat is micro-technology; 1mm double Tefzel coated heating wire has no wear and tear, and no maintenance. The floor heaters are safe because the element is waterproof, self-regulating and earthed. Therefore, carpets can be steam-cleaned.

The full earth screen also cuts out all electro-magnetic radiation. The self-regulating element gives peace of mind because the heaters can never ignite or burn out, even if the thermostat is forgotten to be turned off when going on a holiday.

Speedheat is perfect to consider when re-carpeting or re-tiling. The heater is only 1mm thin and therefore, it would not affect the existing floor level.

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