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Energy efficient lighting and Luminaires from Spectra Lighting

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Spectra Lighting  is a leading suppliers of luminaires in Australia. Spectra Lighting has a wide range of products and provides lighting solutions for number of applications.

Spectra Lighting manufactures and supplies landscape architectural luminaires, commercial luminaires, high performance luminaires and creative luminaires for outdoor applications. Many of these luminaires are available in a range of models and sizes.

The special features of Spectra Lighting products include pre-treatment, colour rendition and architectural lighting principles and techniques. These luminaires have different technical properties.

Spectra Lighting has introduced a new range of innovative LED products and energy efficient luminaires for various lighting applications.

The Accento and Terra luminaires are for architectural lighting and are motor vehicle resistant.

The Sherpa is an in-ground fitting, and the Trend LED is suitable for in-ground, wall, undercover and ceiling applications. Other energy efficient luminaires from Spectra Lighting include the Hedo, the Kha Slim, the Kha Wall, the Ike, the Isthar LED, the Kestrel, and the Kyro.

The existing product list from Spectra Lighting also features the Segno, the Kha 5 and Kha 9, the Riquadro, Neu Quatro, Cobalt, and Emerson, as well as the Jackson, Mini Mistral, Isthar, and Todas.

These luminaires provide outdoor lighting solutions for commercial, architectural, industrial and residential sectors.

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