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Pipe Caps, Flange Protectors, Hydraulics JIC BSP Threads.


Supplier news
13/08/08 - Specialty Metals Specialty Plastics provide a comprehensive range of threaded plugs and caps. These plugs and caps are available in different models. BSP plugs from Specialty Metals Specialty Plastics include threaded protection plugs. These threaded
Supplier news
12/08/08 - Spiral Guard hydraulic resins, from Specialty Metals Specialty Plastics, are available in black and yellow colours. These resins possess medium molecular weight and manufactured by using high density polyethylene copolymers. These high density polyet
Supplier news
11/08/08 - Specialty Metals Specialty Plastics supply materials, welding consumables and protective products. These materials, welding consumables and protective products have been specifically manufactured for fabrication and engineering industries. Specialty

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