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Specialized Threaded Fasteners provides highly efficient bolts

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A wide variety of high quality and highly capable bolts are manufactured by Specialized Threaded Fasteners . Specialized Threaded Fasteners uses different kinds of materials such as mild, high tensile and stainless steel in the manufacture of bolts. These materials are fully tested to ensure quality and reliability to the customers. However, material test certificates can also be provided for customer’s satisfaction.

These bolts are also finished either in cadmium or zinc. HD galvanised bolts can also be easily obtained from Specialized Threaded Fasteners. Some of the bolts produced by Specialized Threaded Fasteners are eye bolts, hook bolts, crane rail hook bolts, gaged U-bolts, pipe hanger bolts, J bolts, swing bolts, foundation bolts and L bolts.

It is easy to obtain these high quality bolts in different sizes from Specialized Threaded Fasteners. However, Specialized Threaded Fasteners can also provide bolts in customer’s preferred size of threads on specific requests.

Specialized Threaded Fasteners has a wide network of offices and personnel that enable it supplying these high quality bolts to the customers on time. These bolts from Specialized Threaded Fasteners are widely known in the electronics industry for their quality, reliability and efficiency.

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