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Submersible liquid level transmitter

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VIATRAN’s Model 517 is an all-welded, submersible unit, available from Specialised Industrial Systems , designed to give accurate readings down to 1200 feet of water.

With a stainless steel housing and customer specified cable (Hi Density polyethylene [HDPE], Teflon or moulded Neoprene), the 517 is designed for a variety of corrosive applications, while the silicon piezo-resistive sensor provides high accuracy and stability.

The Model 517 has several features that maximise its performance and ensure that it operates without leaking.

The all-welded sensor design eliminates the need for an O-Ring seal, thereby eliminating potential leak paths.

The unique cable seal ensures the watertight integrity of the unit, up to 500psi.

The Model 517's internal circuitry provides voltage surge (lightning) protection, while the 4-20mA output signal minimises potential outside interference and signal degradation.

This feature is important when the signal travels over long cable lengths.

The Model 517 also has available an intrinsically safe design. Additional features of the Model 517 include a removable end cap and an optional end cap for use when weights are required.

An end cap with a 1/4" NPT pressure port is also available for checking calibration of the unit against a known pressure source.

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