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Fast response differential pressure measurement

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VIATRAN's "74" Series are rugged, all stainless steel differential pressure transmitters, available from Specialised Industrial Systems , featuring variable capacitance technology and a hydraulic stop mechanism for overpressure protection.

The standard model is ideal for applications that demand accurate measurements at very low pressures.

A nuclear power company designed a dedicated system to monitor sudden changes in the steam pressure from the reactor.

The system is part of a safety mechanism that requires a transmitter response time of less than 20ms. However, commercially available transmitter products have a rise time of about 200ms.

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict the behavior of a modified Model 374, Viatran was able to anticipate performance changes and successfully develop a fast response δP transmitter.

The graph demonstrates the time response curve resulting from the modifications made to the sensor and electronics.

As illustrated, response time is a function of the sensor's pressure range.

Response times, which range from 500ms to 10ms on standard 374s were reduced to 3ms for most ranges.

Whether your application is for steam generators, destructive testing or high speed leak testing, our differential pressure transmitters will provide you with accuracy and dependability.

Viatran's service and technological capabilities enable us to provide our customers with solutions to a wide range of pressure measurement problems.

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