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VIATRAN's "45" Series pressure transmitters, available from Specialised Industrial Systems , provide test stand customers with an accurate means of electronic pressure measurement.

Since many operating variables which can affect an engine's performance are tested throughout the manufacturing process, engine manufacturers require various types of measurement products that offer superior accuracy and versatility to meet their diverse engine test specifications.

From design acceptance through production testing, Viatran's "45" Series offers engineers the choices they need to meet changing specifications.

Test stands are used extensively during engine development to help maximise engine efficiency and performance of each new engine design.

Viatran's "45" Series has been specified on pre-production engine test stands to measure pressure in oil and fuel pumps, crankcases, and to measure exhaust, coolant, vacuum and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) pressure.

It is used by virtually all automotive engine companies, many of whom have worked with Viatran to customise units to meet their specific needs.

The "45" Series, with available outputs of 0-5V dc and 4-20mA, has been used to test production engines, transmissions and compressors.

Another application ideally suited to the "45" Series transmitters involves pressure measurements in the development of oil and fuel formulations.

The "45" Series offers high accuracy, small size, stability and quick response. Signal output, proof pressures and the pressure range can all be modified to meet application needs. It features noise protection against EMI and meets all applicable CE standards.

Viatran's pressure transmitters provide customers with versatility, making Viatran a single source of supply.

The availability of field calibration also provides engineers the ability to test the instrument without a precise pressure source. This setup enables use in remote areas as well as less frequent recalibrations.

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