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Electronic pump cycle controller

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article image The SIStec PC1 pump controller.

THE SIStec PC1 electronic pump controller, from SIS Technologies , automatically regulates the on and off periods of pump equipment, by monitoring the current flow of the pump while operating under normal load conditions and switching the pump off when the sump runs dry.

The pump is then restarted after a time calculated from the condition of the jumper settings and the amount of time taken to drain the sump.

In this way a regular on/off cycle is maintained and automatically adjusted to balance the flow rate of the pump and the flow rate into the sump.

The cycle time is divided into a run and a rest time.

The rest time is equal to the cycle time minus the run time. For example, for a cycle time of 10 minutes, if the pump runs for 6 minutes, it will restart after 4 minutes.

If the pump runs for longer than the cycle time and then stops, the controller will rest for a minimum of 20 seconds before restarting.

A standard current transformer is required to supply a monitoring signal to the controller. The secondary current of the transformer should supply approximately 1A to the controller when the pump is running at normal load.

The SIStec PC1 pump controller can be secured to a standard 35 mm DIN rail or screwed to a plate using two M4 or M5 screws through holes at the rear of the case.

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