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EMI shielding products from Specialised Conductives

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Established in 1987, Specialised Conductives aimed at selling nickel particulates for providing solid EMI paint coatings that protect the electronics efficiently. Later, Specialised Conductives acquired various potential agency product lines from UK and USA. This helped Specialised Conductives gaining lots of prosperity and success in the field of quality conductive manufacturing

Today, Specialised Conductives is involved in providing a wide variety of materials for EMI shielding. Various materials are manufactured by Specialised Conductives that can be used for ESD applications.

Specialised Conductives is also known for manufacturing high performance metal flakes and ferrites for metal finishing and coatings. Various stainless steel fibres that are provided by Specialised Conductives for jackets and conductive plastics are ideal for protecting cables. These jackets are offered under the brand name Zippertubing.

A wide variety of liquid chromatography columns are also supplied by Specialised Conductives. These are high pressure chromatography columns.

Specialised Conductives offers various products such as gaskets, retrofitable and various other tubes for EMI shielding. All these products are offered under the different brand names by Specialised Conductives. The products manufactured and supplied by Specialised Conductives are known for their quality and reliability.

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