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TONSON Air Motors manufactures air mixers to suit explosion-proof environments.

Available in many sizes, the air mixers are made from quality materials, driven by TONSON air motors and customisable to suit specific requirements.

Headquartered in Sydney, TONSON Australia offers air mixers in various models including mobile 200L mixers, mixers to suit explosion-proof and standard environments as well as C-clamp air mixers suitable for mixing large volumes of light and medium viscosity materials in open drums. Operating angles can easily be adjusted to an effective mixing position.

Air mixers are customisable and available in different sizes. The air mixer can also be supplied with an optional stainless steel shaft and propeller.

TONSON air mixers incorporate air motors that use air supply as the source of energy.

Key benefits of TONSON air mixers driven by air motors:

  • Complete safety
  • 100% explosion-proof
  • 24-hour operation with no spark
  • Simple variable stepless speed control
  • Usable in harsh environments
  • Instant reversibility
  • Compact size
  • Cool running
  • Perfect mixing solution for any chemical or flammable environment
Electric mixers from TONSON operate with 240V single-phase or 415V three-phase motors.

Key features include:

  • Explosion-proof motors optional where air supply not available on site
  • Reliable design with assured 24-hour operation
  • Optional AC inverter for variable speed control
  • Usable in harsh environments
  • Reversible motors can be run in either direction
  • Compact size
  • Cool running
  • Perfect mixing solution for any chemical at light and medium viscosity

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