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Radial piston air motor

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article image Features low air consumption.

SPECIALISED Air Motors & Transmission's (SAMT) high precision distinctive radial piston design air motors deliver high torque without high levels of air consumption and air loss compared to typical vane type air motors.

The radial piston air motor features:

* 100% explosion-proof

* Reversible/step less speed control

* Lightweight

* Low air consumption

* High torque output

* Easy maintenance

* Foot/flange/hub mounting

* Easy maintenance.

SAMT’s radial piston air motors range from as little as 0.1kW up to 30kW of power.

The motors can be supplied with IEC Flange mount or if no gearbox is required to reduce the speed, SAMT could can supply a foot bracket.

Inline helical gearboxes to suit any required output speed is also available.

Piston air motors can be used in any environment unfavourable for electric, hydraulic, stepper and servo motors - this eliminates the chance of electric shock and fire - most crucial in industries involved in chemical, flammable or volatile contents.

Air motors can be used wherever air supply is available.

Piston air motor applications include:

* Hoist/Wwinches

* Hose reels

* Turntables

* Conveyor drives

* Mixing equipment

* Pump drives

* Automation devices

* Choppers/grinders

* Food/pharmacy packaging.

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