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Pressure tanks and spray guns

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article image Pressure tank with piston motor for auto mixing.

SPECIALISED Air Motors & Transmission (SMAT) can supply rugged, portable pressure tanks of steel or stainless steel construction for use in pressure applications applying semiconductor manufacturing process paints, adhesives, waterborne, porcelains, enamel and ink etc.

All SMAT models are built to uphold standards of reliability, durability and safety with 45 years proven field performance.

Their models come equipped with a patented radial piston air motor for continuous mixing delivering high torques.

Other models are also available without mixing option or with manual mixing.

Two working pressure ranges are available: 40Psi and 100Psi. All vessels are single regulated, but dual regulation is also available as an option.

Stainless steel models are all stainless steel construction from lid to agitator shaft. Propellers are available in any sizes.

Castors are provided on all models of 10L and larger and a hand rail and spray gun are provided for ease of portability and operation.

Available pressure tank sizes range from 10L and up to 80L. SMAT supply 2L as well when mixing is not required.

SMAT also supply spray guns operating via feed or suction methods, with nozzle feed range from 0.8mm to 2.5mm diameters.

Other types include high adhesive spray guns, low pollution, readable paint volume, streak spray guns, spot spray guns and multi-colour spray guns. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel and Teflon for durability.

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