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New helical inline gearboxes available from Specialised Air and Motor Transmission

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Specialised Air and Motor Transmission (SAMT) , a division of Tonson, has released a new range of inline helical gearboxes which confirms to all universal standards and made to highest quality.

Main feature is that installation and all gearbox dimensions including shaft are reto fit to German brands and comes complete with IEC flange.


Ratios: 5 - 120
Torque range (Nm): 50 - 8000
Power range (Kw): 0.18 - 75

Inline helical gearboxes are designed and produced according to German Institute for Standarisation (DIN) which guarantees high efficiency, high strength and low noise. The Inline helical gearbox also complies with all ISO and Australian standard.

MHF (CR) - IEC flange helical gear unit overview:

  • Diverse mountings and installation positions
  • Complete cast iron housing for best strength and reliability
  • Solid output shaft, average efficiency of the 2-stage at around 96% and 3-stage of around 94%
  • Ratios for 2-stage is 5 - 20, ratios for 3-stage is 20 - 120, combination ratios are also available which means higher ratios are also possible
  • For 2-stage basic gearbox reducer, rotation direction of input shaft is the same that of output shaft; for 3-stage basic gearbox reducer, their directions are reverse
  • Gearboxes has two input bearing support resulting in much superior radial loads capability, high quality bearings are used on all SAMT gearboxes
  • SAMT special input flange design means that you could easily install IEC or Nema flange motor without any additional cost and with any standard flange motor
  • No Additional charge for IEC or Nema input flange, they come standard on SAMT gearboxes.
  • All gears are made with the highest precision.

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