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New flap valve pneumatic double diaphragm pump available from Specialised Air Motors & Transmission

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Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (SAMT)  supply pneumatic double diaphragm pumps for pumping different types of fluids including sea water, glaze material, refrigerant, lubricants, heavy oil, gasoline, tri-chloro methane, asphalt, waste water, lime, printing ink, resin, alcohol, lactic acid, nitrate and sodium hydroxide.

Air Pump sizes vary from 3/8” inlet diameter up to 3” inlet. Discharge volume varies accordingly from 13(l/min) up to 780 (l/min).

The double diaphragm pumps are supplied with different options to suit the application or fluid being pumped. The pneumatic double diaphragm pumps are available in different wetted body material such as aluminium alloy and stainless steel. The internal diaphragm also comes in different materials, diaphragm material include neoprene, NBR, Teflon, Viton and EPDM depending on the application.

Specialised Air Motors & Transmission have released a new flap valve double diaphragm pump, which until now has not been available.

Following are the features of the new flap double diaphragm pump:

  • Able to pump materials which includes large sized solids, up to 30mm diameter
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for large solids applications, no other pump is available on the market today for such solids
  • Able to be cleaned, maintained and services in-place with out dismantling any unwanted parts
  • Simple sturdy construction
  • The pumps suction inlet is located at the top and it discharges from the bottom, this is reverse from conventional diaphragm pump
  • The suction inlet is located at the bottom, so there is less chance for solids to accumulate settling inside the pump allowing gravity to help move through and out of pump
  • The new double diaphragm pump utilises a flap valve and specialised seat with a large aperture to guarantee the passage of large sized solids unlike conventional double diaphragm pump which uses ball type valve
  • Designed to provide in-place maintenance on flap valves, which are the main wearing part of the pump
  • Each valve can be accessed and replaced by hand through the external access covers by removing 4 bolts
  • By removing a single cover it is also possible to clean the internal components by hand or flush out the inside of the valve and chambers with a hose and water. Can be done without removing the pump from service
  • Users can also inspect the inside of the fluid chambers and the diaphragm for abrasion or damage without dismantling the pump
  • The body is constructed from individual components so each component could be replaced as required separately

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