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Hyosung wound rotor motors (slip ring motors) from TONSON Air Motors

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article image Hyosung Wound Rotor (Slip Ring) Motor

Hyosung wound rotor motors, also known as slip ring induction motors are available from TONSON Air Motors.

Hyosung wound rotor motors are employed in several heavy-duty applications where the motor is required to start a high inertia or high torque load.

Hyosung motors serve many industries and applications including scrap and recycling shredders, ball and sag mills, fans and blowers, conveyors and chippers as well as hoist mixers among others.

Hyosung wound rotor motors are custom designed to provide high reliability and long life.

Key benefits of Hyosung wound rotor motors:

  • Speed can be controlled easily by controlling external resistance, from 50% to 100% of the full speed
  • Pull-out torque can be achieved even from zero rpm
  • Starting torque is high when compared to squirrel-cage induction motor
  • Takes only about 250% to 350% of the full load current against 600% to 700% by squirrel-cage induction motors
  • Liquid rheostat controls the motor's rotor resistance
  • Suitable for high inertia applications or weak network conditions
Hyosung motor’s quality features:

  • Extra heavy-duty bearing and rotor
  • Special shock-proof design
  • Cylindrical and spherical roller bearings
  • Stator winding design for high number of starts
  • VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) insulation system

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