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Hyosung LF and LT series motors from TONSON Air Motors for better performance

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article image LT Series: 630 frame, 4P

TONSON Air Motors presents Hyosung LF and LT series motors designed to meet higher performance and efficiency requirements.

With the total cost of ownership becoming a very important factor, energy and cost savings are key determinants in the selection of motors. Hyosung is responding to these new challenges by upgrading its products through the enhancement of output density by frame (kW/kg), and expanding the scope of FC type application.

Hyosung’s new products offer excellent performance to meet different customer needs. Hyosung has secured a line-up up to 710 frames 10 MW. Since 450-560 frame products can be applied to both TEFC and TEAAC types, one can have a solution optimised to the environment where the motor will be installed.

Hyosung's LF and LT series motors can be used for various load equipment applications across the entire industry. While the LF series consists of totally enclosed fan cooled motors, the LT series has totally enclosed air-to-air cooled units.

These motors are designed to meet diverse application needs:

  • When international standards or various national standards apply
  • When high efficiency is required to reduce electric power cost
  • When installation space is limited (in ships, offshore areas, limited building spaces, etc.)
  • When a smaller and weight reduced motor with the same capacity is required
  • When low vibration is required during load equipment connection (pumps, fans, etc.)
  • When highly reliable products in harsh environment are required
  • When a motor with easy maintenance is required
Hyosung's LF series motor products deliver world-leading performance in terms of power density, efficiency and low temperature rise, and are produced as cast frames up to 560 frames.

Hyosung's LT series motors are leading the industry's technology in terms of efficiency and vibration, and have been standardised up to 710 frames 4 P 10 MW.

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