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High Adhesive and Low Pollution Spray Guns from SAMT

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Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (SAMT)  has designed a range of Spray Guns that are high adhesive and low pollution. They can be used for applications that involve solvent-borne, waterborne and high solid liquid coatings including material such as viscous waterbornes and plural-component urethanes. The W99 family is manufactured specifically produce low amounts of pollution, increase work efficiency, save energy and use a minimal amount of solvent to spray the same amount of surface.

The key benefits of the spray gun includes:

  • Wetted parts are constructed from stainless steel and teflon for extra durability
  • Heavy duty performances
  • Ergonomic handling solutions
  • Uses up to 50% less solvent than other spray guns
  • Consumes up to 70% less energy than other spray guns
  • Spare parts are available from SAMT

Specialised Air Motors & Transmission can also customise spray guns to suit different clients and applications.

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