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Gearbox services from Specialised Air Motors & Transmission

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Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (SAMT)  service division can overhaul and service plus supply all types and brands of gearboxes. They have a team of highly skilled engineers and fitters that provide a solution for any gearbox breakdown.

Gearbox refurbishment, in many circumstances, is a cost effective way for equipment replacement, David Brown, Fenner & Rossi are few brand gearboxes Specialised Air Motors & Transmission have rebuilt and repaired for past customers. Their expertise adds many years of additional life to worn down equipment.

Specialised Air Motors & Transmission can refurbish any type of gearboxes, couplings and pumps including:

  • Planetary Gearboxes
  • Helical & Worm gearboxes
  • Coal Mill Gearboxes
  • Cooling Tower gearboxes
  • Bevel Helical Gearboxes
  • Double Diaphragm Air Pumps
  • Fluid Couplings
  • Shaft Mount Gearbox
  • Worm Under driven gearboxes
  • Extruder gearbox
  • Coal Mine gearbox
Specialised Air Motors & Transmission services include:

  • Fault finding and analysis
  • Dismantling, inspection and NDT plus report
  • Re-build using quality spare parts
  • No load test runs and vibration analysis if required
  • Restoration of parts including shafts
  • Epoxy repaint and paint restoration
  • Onsite repairs and reinstallation
  • Parts manufacture and gear cutting
  • Heat treatment
  • Ratio changes and modifications
  • Lubrication recommendations Modifications and or redesign for all power transmission drives and bearing applications
  • Machining (Bore and Keyway) for PT equipment e.g. couplings, sprockets and gears
  • Machine centre for turning, boring, milling, drilling and grinding
  • Gear manufacture for worn or broken gears
  • Air mixer and electric agitators’ repair and manufacture
Gearbox brands supplied and rebuilt by Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (SAMT) include:

  • David Brown
  • Rossi
  • Fenner
  • Sumitomo
  • Falk
  • Lightnin
  • Nord
  • Flender
  • Renold
  • Bonfiglioli

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