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article image Air motors from SAMT.

SPECIALISED Air Motors and Transmission (SAMT) has the experience and expertise on all air motor enquiries. They can design complete air motor and transmission drives.

An air motor can easily operate under conditions that are unfavourable for electric, hydraulic, stepper and servomotors.

SAMT’s vane air motors are reversible; they are also available in 4 or 8 vanes. Various gear reductions and brakes to suit all vane motors are readily available.

SAMT’s vane air motors can be mounted in any configuration including IEC, Nema, face and foot.

Air motors work on compressed air, requiring air pressure of 85psi and operating temperature range of –10-+120°C.

Vane air motor features include:

* 100% explosion-proof

* Stalling safety

* Step ESS speed control

* Never burn out

* Self-sealing and cool running

* Smooth start

* Mounting flexibility (IEC, Nema, face and foot)

* All plane operation

* Toleration of environment.

Air motor applications are unlimited and include:

* Hoist/winches

* Pump drives

* Automation devices

* Hose reels

* Conveyor drives

* Choppers/grinders

* Turntables

* Mixing equipment

* Food/pharmacy packaging.

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