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200-litre drum air mixers

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article image Air mixer from SAMT.

SPECIALISED Air Motors & Transmission (SAMT) offers different types of air mixers for most mixing applications.

Air motors operate on air supply as the source of energy - it has the following advantages over electric motors:

* 100% explosion-proof 24hr operation with no spark

* Variable step less speed control

* Compact in size

* Cool running

* Stalling safety

* Instant reversibility

* Usable in harsh, chemical or dangerous environments.

SAMT can customise their air motors to suit special requirements.

One of the most popular air mixer applications is mixing 200L drums.

Air Mixers available for 200L drums include:

* C-clamp Potable Air Mixer is suitable for mixing large volumes of light and medium viscosity materials in open drums. Operating angles maybe easily adjusted for the most efficient mixing position. Hand mixing is made easy with the C-clamp.

* Cross Tank Air Mixer is an excellent cost effective solution for mixing and bending of light to medium viscosity materials. Mount brackets will securely fit on almost any steel drum and be easily removed from tank to tank.

* Closed Entry Air Mixer can be applied for mixing in closed drums. Screw angle bucket into the 50.8mm opening and fasten the setscrew to the angle bracket after mixer is placed in to the drum. Special designed stainless steel blades will fit easily into the 50.8mm opening. The blades extend by centrifugal force when operating and retract when stopped.

SAMT also have closed entry air mixers with a large spiral shaped-blade for mixing paints, resins urethanes and epoxies, which is particularly effective for the semiconductor manufacturing process and mixing higher viscosity fluids.

Teflon coating is available for strong acid/alkali resistance.

SAMT can also supply other types of air mixers such as:

* The 20L Tank Air Mixer is easily adjusted to suit any angle of mixing required.

* The Auto Air Mixer’s auto lifting and lowering while mixing is very cost effective.

* The Mobile Air Lift Mixer is ruggedly constructed from C channel steel, accommodating drums or tanks up to 960mm in diameter. Maximum mixing height is 970mm and it is equipped with castors for easy maneuverability.

* The Manual Lift Bench Mixer is fully constructed of stainless steel, manual elevation adjustment, suitable for pharmaceutical, food and the volatile and chemical industry.

* Hand held air mixers are also available.

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