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Spear and Jackson Australia offers steel made tools

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The foundations of Spear and Jackson were laid long way back in 1760 by Mr. John Love and Alexander Spear. Both of them thought that entering into steel business would be a wise step and they started it together. This business passed down to Mr. Sam Jackson, a nephew of Alexander Spear. Mr. Sam Jackson learnt the art of saw making on an apprentice.

This magnanimous partnership between Spear and Jackson was formed when Mr. Sam Jackson started handling the business of Spear and Jackson. He started the business with carrying blades from the forge to the grinding wheels but he had already proved his mark with this new partnership between Spear and Jackson.

Neill Tools, a parent company of Spear and Jackson Australia was started by Mr. James Neill in 1889. Mr. James Neill was a successful accountant, he turned to steelmaking business and started Neill Tools. Spear and Jackson Australia now manufactures and distributes a wide range of steel made tools including woodworking tools, garden tools, metrology and magnetic equipment under several renowned brand names.

The well known WHS trowel brand is also one of the parts of Spear and Jackson Australia. WHS stands for Work Hard or Starve. WHS is one of the leading trowel making companies.

Spear and Jackson Australia also supplies quality plastering tools under the brand name Tyzack. These plastering tools are highly efficient.

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